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Supply Chain Planning: 10 common problems

This month we dive into the world of optimising business results by improving business planning. Learn about how you can align your company’s business goals across the finance, marketing, sales, and operational departments; gain greater visibility of internal relationships and resources; maximise output; and achieve an integrated business planning solution.

We’ve come up with 10 common problems facing our customers today for you to think about plus hints to start solving these for long term success. 

10 challenges to be explored:

–             Running out of cash

–             Pressure on margins

–             Losing sales due to short supply of materials

–             Labour shortages

–             Long import and export lead times

–             Running out of space in the warehouse

–             Staying on top of trending software and technology

–             Rapid company growth – managing investments

–             Managing increasing energy costs

–             How to create an eco-friendly manufacturing business

The magnitude of many modern-day business problems is well known. Finding solutions to these problems however is not. Come on a Q&A journey with us this month and learn how to take the first steps to solve your business problems.

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