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Case Study Quin Global: Implementing Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

About Quin Global: Business Overview

Quin Global is an adhesives manufacturer servicing industries across the globe. The world’s largest spray cannister adhesive manufacturer, its product line includes more than 300
adhesive products – with its Australian arm delivering to the APAC region. 

Quin Global Australia’s business experienced significant growth in the last two years, with the revenue almost doubling in that period.

The motivation: Concerns about planning capability in the face of rapid growth

In the face of rapid growth, Quin Global Australia developed concerns over its ability to manufacture enough products to keep up with increased demand. Production was conducted on an ad hoc basis as sales orders came in. 

Because many of the materials used in adhesives manufacturing cannot be sourced in Australia, there was the danger that Quin might run out of materials. Additionally, long lead times and cost overruns – owing to air freight charges to get materials on short time frames – were putting further pressure on the company.

The  Solution: Implementing a sales and operations plan (S&OP) 

Our Executive Advisor was engaged by Quin over two years to implement S&OP to align demand and supply, thereby optimising customer delivery dates as well as reducing time- and cash-costs.

Firstly, our EA implemented a provisional Excel solution to oversee inventory demand and help create short term production plans based on basic inventory data. 

After this our EA was tasked with implementing an effective S&OP process from the ground up. This involved making the internal business case to the owners of Quin– as well as persuading stakeholders in Sales, Finance, R&D, and other departments – and educating them on the value of S&OP. 

A software evaluation was then conducted to ascertain the best software – including ERP and demand forecasting solutions – before implementation began. Our EA planned the process, integrated the software, validated its efficacy, onboarded Quin’s staff, and ensured the stability and accuracy of data measurements over the subsequent year.

This enabled statistical forecasts of future demand based on historical data, which in turn allowed Quin’s sales team to create a demand plan as well as a supply plan that aligned
precise materials procurement needs and timing with manufacturing capacity and timing.

Information was shared across procurement and operations departments, as well as with suppliers – ensuring a smoother and more forward-looking production process as well as
helping Quin in its negotiations with suppliers.

The Result: Improved forecast accuracy, delivery, and planning  

Forecast accuracy improved from a deviation of 52 per cent to 10 per cent within six months. Delivery times were able to be measured for the first time, with 99 per cent of deliveries being made in full, on time. The time needed to create a production plan was reduced from two days to one hour. Workforce planning and procurement processes were optimised, and Quin was for the first time able to create reports to share with internal and external stakeholders, creating new efficiencies across its business units and supply partner network.

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